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Nightflyr *
Richard Kirshy

” I found was a blown SBF 5 fuse ”
There is your first issue.
Something that is fed by that fuse is shorted.
It may be a component or in the wiring.
You state that you replaced the fuse.
I assume that it has not failed again? but your CEL is still flashing and still have a fan issue.

First thing I would check is for codes from the ECM, provided you can still talk to it.
Next might try unplugging the fuel pump and see what happens with ignition on.
After that start unplugging one sensor at a time connected to SBF5 fuse and see where that leads.
If after disconnecting all circuits from SBF5 fuse you still have issue, chances are you have a wiring issue.
Could start with the basics and check the 5V ref and see if there is, then check the CAN buss to see if that is alive and talking.