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Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh

Ok so I cleared out the path to the top of the motor. Took out the drive system for oil pump. Used a drill to see if the oil pump was functioning, and it is not. No load at all on the pump. So apparently I did something wrong when priming the pump. I think it was cause it was dry at the get go. I’m pulling the motor back out to inspect it further. Motor sounds to good to be bad. I did watch your video on oil pressure, and I’m not a professional by any means. I would think that if it’s not getting oil. It’s not going to build pressure. What are the odds of a crate motor being bad. Especially if it sounded as good as it did. I’m worried if I put a pressure gauge on it and start up the motor again, I’m going to do more damage to the motor. Please bare with me, I am a machinist by trade, and I do know how to tear things down, and put them back together. But when it comes to the internals of an engine. I still have a major learning curve. I have been reading and watching videos for quite some time now to get information. But to me, you seem to be one person I trust for this input, because of the many hours you have in this field. If a failed oil pump. Would not create loss of oil pressure. Then I might look into returning this motor, while I have it out, and look into getting another motor. Thanks for your help, it been a heck of a journey for me. I just couldn’t see paying someone to do this job. When I could do it myself. I did get it running. To me, that’s a heck of an accomplishment.