a/f ratio


    Pick up a Haynes, Chiltons or Factory Service manual. Type in “Chiltons” in the search function and you can have access to their online library.

    Depending on the Car (fuel injected vs. Carb) it will be mech controlled or controlled by the PCM/ECU/ECM. What you’re looking for isn’t that, but a part of the system thats not doing its job, such as a clogged air filter, malfunctioning IAC valve.

    choose a system and work forward on it, double check everything and then move onto the next one.

    1. First go ahead and do a fuel pressure test between the fuel rail and after the filter. Do it at idle and WOT, as well as snap tests and after the car has been of for a 10 or so minutes. It should stay consistently w/in your cars specs (once again snag a manual or that).

    2. I’d run a compression test and once again look to see if it’s somewhere in the factory specs.

    3. As for spark, lets check your battery first key on, engine off and then at idle and WOT. It should be reading somewhere near 12.5 volts without engine running. With the car on it should jump up into the 13 to 14.5 volt range (depends on the car) as the alt. Charges the battery.

    Anyways thats a start, some more experienced peeps can chime in here. Start here and lets work forward.

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