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Accord post surgery vibration


    I agree, their explanation of orienting the torque converter to the “correct” position sounded like BS when I heard it. At that point, I was so fed up that I didn’t even challenge them. So, lessons learned:

    I’ll take more than half the blame. After all, I picked the shop. They claimed, and I verified, that they had done several trans swaps on Odysseys. Accords? I should have pushed them more regarding Accords. However, is the Odyssey front suspension and transmission mounting THAT much different than an Accord? Maybe Eric could comment when he gets a chance.

    Was it worth the $1k I “saved” compared the dealer installed Honda transmission? Nope!

    I’m a rank amateur at DIY car maintenance. I’ve drawn the line at timing belt/water pump replacement due to lack of knowledge, tools and facility. I know most if not all of you guys are way up the learning/experience curve compared to me. I can only say to those that do find themselves in a position where you must entrust your car to someone else for major service, vet the hell out them before you turn over the keys.

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