CV Axel removal

george gonzalezgeorge gonzalez

    It helps a bit to understand what’s holding it in. There is one dadblessed expanding c clip. It is sized just right to interfere between the axle and the socket. In the worst case, the clip is all the way to one side and it’s firmly lodged in both the center groove and dangling out into the groove in the socket. Far enough into both so the perpendicular sides of the round c clip wire are pressing against the sides of the groove. Being perpendicular, no amount of prying is going to move the clip. What you need to do is to get the c clip to jiggle around so it’s approximately centered. In that position it’s rounded sides can end up pressed against the edges of the socket and then side pressure can squeeze the clip. So the trick is to apply just enough side pressure but not enough to jam the c clip, while you either rotate or whack the axle to get the clip to jiggle into the center position. A little gentle pulling on the axle while turning or banging on the adjacent CV joint seems to work best. Neither pulling nor banging do much if done separately. You have to do them both, while simultaneously swearing.

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