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    Sorry it’s been so long for the update. I replaced the expansion valve on Friday morning, put it all together and charged the system. The compressor spun, but would squeal for about a second each time it kicked on. Other than that, it spun and worked fine. I was thinking that maybe because she ran the compressor for a few days when it was locking up bad, that the clutch was burned out some. Replaced the compressor with another one and everything has been working fine. So this means that one of three things has happened.
    1. The expansion valve was the cause to all of the problems and it’s fixed.banana:
    2. The first compressor just went, and then the second just went the same exact way. I don’t think that was it though because after replacing the valve, the compressor worked, it just squealed at start up.:unsure:
    3. It’s working right now and just hasn’t broke yet.:sick:
    As of right now, she is going to AZ and when she returns, if everything is still working, I will replace the drier-accumulator. I thank everyone for all their help. John, a special thanks to you. Your phone call really helped me out a lot. If it stops working again, I will let you all know.

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