Real Newbie…


    Don’t throw parts at it bud. Start with the basics (seriously, the most complicated system usually fail because of the basics).

    1st check your battery voltage, should be near 12.5/6 volts. Check, Double check, Triple Check your battery connection by removing the leads and making sure you remove all the corrosion and TIGHTEN down the leads onto the battery terminals again.
    Check the voltage on the leads (not the battery terminals) you should be reading the same battery voltage. If your not… then you’ve got corrosion or something causing resistance at the leads.

    You need 3 things for a circuit to be completed: a source (battery), A conductor (Wires) and a Load (starter, ignition) and usually a protection (fuses, breaker) and a control ( your ignition key). So check the easiest stuff first, like all the fuses in the engine compartment, and test the fuel pump relay by turning the car to the “on” position (have a buddy do that) and then placing you’re hand on the relay top… you should be able to hear the click and feel it as the low voltage circuit opens up the high voltage one.

    You need Spark, Gas, and Air to run an engine. Can you hear the gas pump when you start the car. Stick you’re ear (with the filler cap off) next to the engine tank and listen in a QUIET environment while someone turns the car to the “on” position. Do you hear a quiet whirring noise? If not… then you’re fuel pump may have a problem or be dead.

    Next let’s check spark. Grab yourself a lil 7 dollar or 14 dollar spark tester (it connects between your spark plug and distributor) and look for spark, or just remove your plug wire and spark plug and ground the plug threads to the engine metal… you should see a bright blue spark when you crank the engine (just don’t touch it while you’re doing this or you’ll get anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 volt jolt!, so maybe grab some insulated pliers and hold onto the plug wires)

    Next you said you’re engine cranks so we know it’s got enough juice for the starter. But maybe it’s not getting to ignition or fuel injectors. Test your fuel injectors (depending on where they are you’ll need to grab you’re manual and see what test they recommend).

    Do that, go back and watch some of Erics No start videos (there’s more than one) and let us know whatcha got.

    Also is there a CEL/MIL? If so what codes are you getting?

    And Dude… post this in the Service area of the forum otherwise no one is going to see it who’ll be able to help ya.

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