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replaced alternator…now no spark


    I had an issue with no spark back in feb. I messaged eric back then and he helped with what he could I since figured out it was the coil and ignitor both were bad. I replaced them and ten hours later i spun a rod bearing….

    so this is my rebuilt motor I have about 700 miles on the coil and ignitor before this no spark situation. I am following the same testing procedures that i used when they both failed I have already replaced my ignitor cause based on the tests i did it was bad.

    now the porblem is it is still not getting spark and I am getting a code 15. I already reinstalled the “bad” ignitor reset the ecu and checked for the code again and it is still there.

    code 15 in my 89 honda hatch with an engine from a 93 is ignition output signal error

    now I have the new ignitor back in and here is the checklist i have completed so far.( not in chronological order)

    resistance checked coil=good
    input test of ignitor=good
    battery voltage check at coil=good
    fuses (test light and visual)=good
    ECU checked=good
    fuel pump priming=good
    injectors firing=good
    main relay turning on and off=good
    spark at plug= no
    spark at coil= no
    ICM(ignitor) pulsing= no but brand new

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