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STOPPING the “Sound when coming to complete stop with brakes”

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Most of the comments presented hear are of value, and make technical sense. I am late to this conversation but wanted to mention that there are two important steps when doing a brake service, on any vehicle. One is the lubricant that is used to “separate” the components, a component of the “coupled resonance” problem we face in the brake industry. The proper lube, the one endorsed by the majority of OEM’s is Ceramlub-2800. ( ). The second issue is the rust accumulation that can happen on most all surfaces in the system, again, a contributing factor to brake noise issues. You can find “coated” rotors, etc, but that does not cover all the parts that are effected. To handle all the parts simply spray our OE Approved Rotor Conditioner and Assembly Treatment called “the Silencer”. It will leave a layer of “non ferrous” metals (aluminum, moly, graphite and copper) on the surfaces and will seal the parts for air, so no corrosion or rusting can occur. This is not a paint, It will not wash off from water or salt, plus it will keep the parts looking like brand new for years. ( )