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Content of forum is way too far down

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    I’ve got some suggestions that might make the forum more user friendly.

    Blue: Make this half the height, it’s kind of huge for a banner
    Red: Unnecessary spacing
    Green: Get rid of the search box on every page and add a search link.
    Pink: I think most of this is unnecessary as well. I know who I am, I know I’m here now, and I know what my icon looks like. I think the Index/Recent Topics/My Topics/etc. links could be moved into the My ETCG section or elsewhere.

    I feel that if you could actually see the content you want to see when you clicked a link instead of having to scroll every time it’d be much more user friendly.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. The fact is that the new forum on the new site has already been redesigned and approved. It is similar to the current design and will launch later this month. The site was built around the search function. I’m not able to respond to everyones questions so we came up with the search function to help those looking for information when I’m not available. Not everyone is comfortable using the forum and the search function is a place where they can search for information instead of posting directly to the forum. Sorry for the inconvenience that scrolling causes you but this is the way the site is laid out and I stand by my choices. The new site is more streamlined but as I said it’s similar to this layout.

    Thanks again for your input.

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