Swap brake fluid from the top and stop there ?

3 weeks 17 hours ago #203071 by Dom23
Hi there !
I just saw the Eric CG brake bleed video, and in the video he says that you can stop after replacing the fluid in the cylinder, and that's fine as well.

My question is, could someone handicapped like me, swap the fluid in the top maybe once every few months, to keep the system fresh ? I guess what I am implying is, does the system "mix" together over time, resulting in successful partial changes - OR is what's in the caliper is in the caliper and whats in the top is in the top FOREVER ?

Thanks for any tips :)

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2 weeks 6 days ago #203073 by no_common_sense
Replied by no_common_sense on topic Swap brake fluid from the top and stop there ?
Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs water. Humidity in the air can be drawn into the master cylinder. (Water molecules will go wherever the hell they want as long as they can find a path.) Eventually, this helps turn brake fluid corrosive. One thing I always have to test for in brake fluid is copper content and I do that by dipping a special test strip into the reservoir. It's an indicator that corrosion inhibitors have depleted in the brake fluid. If copper molecules can travel up to the reservoir, water moisture can travel down the fluid into the calipers. Another thing to think about is that the fluid does move through the system. Every time you pump the pedal, you're creating some kind of flow and/or turbulence in the system. Then as pads wear and caliper pistons adjust position, more of that fluid gradually moves into the caliper bores. One way or the next, your brake fluid is always gradually mixing with something that's also gradually breaking it down.

In short, get a brake fluid flush done the right way when you need to.

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