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This VManual covers the complete step by step, fastener by fastener replacement of the clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing on the 1990-2002 4 cylinder Honda Accord, and 1997-1999 Acura 2.2&2.3L CL models. Diagnosis of the clutch is also included. In addition, this VManual also includes the diagnosis and replacement of the clutch hydraulics which are also a common failure point on this vehicle. I also cover the rear main seal replacement, but do not show step by step replacement of it. Additionally, I show how to handle reconditioning the flywheel and clutch alignment. The replacement of the transmission fluid is also covered. In summary, this is a complete VManual covering all aspects of this repair from diagnosis to completion. There is also a complete tool listing in the VManual. I also demonstrate lifting and supporting the vehicle safely.

So if you're considering doing this job yourself and saving hundreds over having someone else do it for you, this is the VManual for you. VManuals are better than repair manuals because you're watching an actual video of the process over reading it in a manual. I feel it is a more engaging experience as a result. I also bring my years of Honda experience to show you little tips and tricks to make the job easier. If nothing else after watching the VManual you will know exactly what's involved with the job and feel more confident in doing it yourself.

If you have issues with the download or have questions about the VManual, please send them to, there is NO PHONE SUPPORT for this product but emails submitted to the address above will be answered within 24 hours. Also, VManuals cannot be downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet device. Once downloaded you can transfer them to those devices from your computer file, but you cannot download them directly to those devices. If you wish for that option I would suggest checking out the streaming VManual instead.

Terms of Sale & Return Policy

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0 # DirtGrub 2019-04-16 18:42
Would you advise using this VManual for a 1988 Acura Integra LS fwd?
0 # EricTheCarGuy 2019-04-17 05:44
This would not be a direct representation of that model, but it would give you a general idea of clutch replacement.
+1 # Lil5150mama 2019-05-04 14:53
Thank you eric i love ur vmanuals there very helpfull
0 # EricTheCarGuy 2019-05-06 05:24
I'm glad you like them. Thank you for the feedback.

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