BadAss Workbench Review

I’ve waited since 2012 to get one of these workbenches, and I can honestly say, it was worth the wait.

BadAss Workbenches are built as tough as they come. In fact, you may have shipping challenges because of it. But when you get your new BadAss Workbench into your shop and start using it, you’ll forget about any trouble you might have had getting it into your shop.

I love working on this bench. That’s about all I have to say about that. Check out BadAss Workbench and see if it’s the right work bench for you too.

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**BadAss Workbench provided me with the workbench for this review. All viewpoints presented in this video are my own.

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Video Title: Best Workbench Ever?? -ETCG Video Description: I’ve waited since 2012 to get one of these workbenches and it was totally worth the wait. What do you think? @BadAssWorkbench #Workbench #ToolReview #ETCGToolReview #SponsoredThumbnail:

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