GM 10 Bolt Rear End Rebuild Part 1

This is (Episode 5) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series.

In this installment of the #ETCGDadsTruck series I rebuild the axle assembly and differential in my GMT400 with a 10 bolt rear end (8.5”). This includes replacing the gear set, the differential (with limited slip), axle bearings, pinion bearings, differential bearings, and all seals. It includes all the tools and torque specs you will need. I also show you how to check and set backlash and interpret a gear tooth pattern.

As usual there are some bumps in the road, but I’m able to overcome them. Well, most of them.

This video will apply to all GM 10 bolt or 8.5” differentials.

#ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Part 2):

#ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Full Version):

Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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GM GovLock (G80):

Part Links

My Differential:

My 3:73 Gear Set:

My Differential Cover:

Ratech Ring and Pinion Installation Kit:

Truck Axle Bearings (WE60690)(513067):

Axle Seals (F4762N):


Slide Hammer with Axle Bearing Attachments:

Axle Bearing Puller Attachments:

Astro Pneumatic Bushing/Seal Driver Kit:

Dial Indicator Set (Checking Backlash):

Bleepin Jeep Pinion Tool:

Shim Installation Tool:

Milwaukee 1/2” (the big one):

3/8” Electric Impact:

Trusty Cook Hammers:

1/2” Breaker Bar:

Torque Wrench:

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Video Title: #ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Part 1) -ETCG Video Description: Here is (Part 1) of the differential and axle rebuild on #ETCGDadsTruck. It’s got a ton of info, including how to assemble and set up a differential. If you don’t want to wait a week for Part 2, a full, ad free, version is available to Premium Members of #ETCGVideo #HowToVideo #ChevyTruck #LoweredTruck Thumbnail:

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