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Reply To: a Rhythmic Scraping Noise

Ken Forrester
Ken Forrester

Yeah, I’ve jacked up the front and rear passenger side with the tire on and spun it.. the front is quiet.. the rear makes a little noise like the shoes inside the rotor for the parking brake are making contact but I was under the impression on this car when you adjust those you want to hear that. I’ve checked for play grabbing the tires at 12/6 and 9/3 and they are rock solid.. also peeked at the axles with the tires off in/around the hub and the boots are intact.. no tears… leaks.. etc. I didn’t have any noise issues until I swapped out the rotors/pads. No weird vibrations, shakes, or strange noises while driving.

I guess I need to pull the rear passenger brake assembly apart and look at everything again. Just weird if It was a parking brake adjustment issue because I adjusted both sides of the rear equally and the driver side is absolutely quiet.

Thanks, guess Ill have to look deeper into the rear end if the driver side front spins clean when It’s in the air.