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Richard RamonRichard Ramon

    Hey Richard,

    I still have not purchased my jack but have used my mechanic friend’s.

    3 weekends ago, I(we) finally got around to replacing my lower ball joints and my outer tie rods (both sides). Took awhile as I have never worked on suspension prior. Everything went well until the last ball joint (passenger side). For some reason, we had a difficult time in getting the stem to seat properly and completely. Managed to get a few threads of the crown nut to take which is where I decided for my buddy to use his 1200 ft torque cordless. Well, we ended up stripping the stem and were unable to get the crown nut fastened all the way; hence we were unable to put the cotter pin in.

    I managed to LIMP my truck home driving no more than 30mph on a couple freeways. The steering was scary at best! Drove it about 20 miles. My truck has been sitting in my driveway since. I am hoping an alignment will fix the issue but wanted to get your take.