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Acura GSR Timing Belt – OEM Parts or After Market?


UPDATE: Belt looks good?

With 5 cars in the fleet, I finally got around to having an actual quick look at my GSR’s Timing belt (from the top) when swapping valve cover gaskets. Did so just before putting her back on the road last week (post clutch kit install) 🙂 I have owned the car since 2013, only put about 25,000km on it (15,000 miles) in that time and was very pleased to see everything has lasted well. I didn’t really have a history of the car or when the belt was done last, but took it into the Acura dealer to have it inspected shorty after buying. (Didn’t ask for a belt check, just to have any issues found and fixed – Then lets just say bad experiences there brought me here to ETCG 😉 )

Have a look at the pics of the valve train and cover – SOOO clean! 🙂 And lucky for me, the belt maker stamp was in the viewable area (its a Honda BELT! 126RU26 model i think) as well as the “Top” indicators of the Cam gears were visible too and pointing in the same direction (meaning no slippage.) Belt seemed very snug and did not look dry cracked or worn. All to say it MUST have been swapped at least once with OEM. That can’t be a 200,000 KM old belt right?

Anyway, have a look and let me know if you see any gotchas. How old do you think that belt looks? Safe for another 10,000Km or more you think?