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Every Car You’ve Ever Owned.

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Benjamin Black
Benjamin Black

1. 1998 Blue Chevy Venture: Hand-me-down from my parents when I first got license. My two brothers also drove it. A radiator tube rusted out and my parents eventually sold it.
2. 2003 White Chevy Trailblazer LS: another hand-me-down after the Venture. Got started into DIY car work on this vehicle. Did my first poil change ever on that trailblazer. Went to replace an oil pan and forgot two bolts. I broke a “secondary” oil pan. Sold it to my mechanic who fixed it and lifted it and sold it.
3. 1997 Beige Buick LeSabre Custom: First car I actually owned. Bought it in 2015 with 126,000 miles. Drove it for 2 years until fuel pump went out. Sold it to my mechanic because I wanted something different anyway.
4. 1998 White Oldsmobile 88: This was my grandfather’s car that he let me drive when my Buick went out. I drove it for 6 months until I rear ended someone and totaled it.
5. 2001 Chevy Tracker: This was my aunt’s car that she let me drive when I wrecked the Oldsmobile. It sounded like the lfiters were going bad. But I sold it for her to a mechanic.
6. 2005 Blue Chevy Trailblazer EXT LS L6: My favorite car ever. Bought it in 2018 after I wrecked the Oldsmobile. It had 233,000 miles but the engine ran beautifully and the transmission had just been rebuilt. Drove it for a year and a half, until a couple weeks ago when the tranny blew on a road trip. Sold it to someone who said they were going to fix it from two other non-running trailblazers they had.
7: 2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited: Just bought this car last week. My wife is the main driver, but it is our family car. Bought it at 89,000 miles in practically pristine condition.
8: 2002 Chevy S10 Blazer 4D 4WD: My wife’s daily driver beofre the trailblazer died, and we bought the Subaru. It is now mine. It has 142,000 miles and you can feel every mile it has driven. It in rough shape, but the engine works, 4WD works, and we still have a warranty on a rebuilt transmission.

So not every car I’ve owned, but every car that I’ve driven for a substantial amount of time.