04 Acura TL Problem code: B1706

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      Acura TL won’t start. It was in a left front-end collision. The hood, left headlights, left fender, and radiator took the impact. The frame and engine are good. The car was driveable when towed to the body shop. It sat for a month waiting for parts. The car drove onto the shop for the damaged pieces to be removed. About a month later went back to start the car and it won’t start. cranks but start. Battery, spark plugs, Fuse all have been replaced and checked. The car was scanned by two different scanners. The OBD2 scanner and the computer scanner. The OBDS just reads O2 sensor and temp sensor. The computer scanner gives a B1706 code. Body electrical fault: Display control panel control unit lost communication with gauge control module (VSP/NE message). HELP!!!

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