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06 PT Cruiser ran yesterday won’t start today

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      Hi to all…need some help. The Cruiser has never given any trouble until now. She has 44k miles on her now. Basic 4 cyl., no turbo, automatic. Drove it home put it in park, turned off the ignition. Everything was fine till 2 days ago(-6 Celsius). Turned the key and all she would do was crank over with the odd attempt to fire.

      Replaced the battery, popped in new plugs gaped to 40 thou. according to the parts house. While had the plugs out, I checked the compression, 165 across the board. Grounded the plug one at a time, loads of blue/ white spark. Still wouldn’t start. From there I pulled the fuel line at the rail and stuck it into a plastic bottle, turned on the ign. and fuel shot out of the line. I sprayed a little starting fluid into the air box elbow. Still wouldn’t start any more than a kick once in a while. I looked all over the engine to see if something had come loose. All looked fine. I pulled the inspection plug on the timing cover and could see that the cams were turning so belt is not broken.

      Bought an AutoLink AL419 scan tool by Autel and plugged it in. It threw a code for the cam sensor. I unplugged the cam sensor and removed it, put a multimeter on it and waved a wrench across the pickup area but I didn’t get a fluxuation in the reading. Not sure if that is the way to check it. It is a three prong cam sensor. I also followed the wires till they went into the main harness, all looked good.

      I need to know how to check it with a multimeter???
      on ohms and on AC or DC??

      I need to know what readings I should be getting???
      on ohms and on AC or DC ?? when cranking the engine

      I need to know what readings I should be getting on the harness to the computer
      set on ohms and on voltage (AC or DC ??) Key on or key off??

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Just keep your answers to simple english as I am not a master mechanic.
      Many thanks ahead,

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      college mancollege man

        Here is some troubleshooting. I know you got a cam sensor code
        but plug the cam sensor back in and unplug the crank sensor to
        see if it starts. A bad crank sensor can set the cam code.If you have
        a scan tool.plug in and crank the engine and observe the rpm. It should
        read about 300 rpm. any less crank sensor is suspect.


          Well everyone, I finally found the problem. Hooked up the scan tool and spun the engine. Sure enough it threw a code for the cam sensor.

          I didn’t understand that you could get a code even if the engine was not running. So I picked up a cam sensor stuck it in and “Viola” she started. Lots a white smoke and ran rough for about 5 min. Then it cleared up and seemed to run fine. Took it down the road and then checked for codes. No codes so I hope it is all well now. I guess time will tell.

          I do not know what caused the sensor to fail. Am keeping fingers crossed that it just wore out. If there is something I need to check so it doesn’t happen again right away, please let me know.

          I want to thank each one of you for your amazing help with this thing. You are all to be commended ! What an awsome forume!


          college mancollege man

            Glad you found the problem. Thanks for the update and the fix. 🙂

            EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

              Cool, glad you found the problem. It was good that you went with the check engine light first. I was also wondering if it could have been a mechanical issue such as a broken timing belt or something. Those can sometimes set cam sensor codes and cause a no start. It’s nice that it was a much easier fix for you. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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