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10 Element AT – hesitation on tip-in

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    Steve Welch
    Steve Welch

    My 2010 Element EX AWD automatic has 165K on it. I bought it in November, and among other things have done a valve adjustment, spark plugs, and changed the transmission fluid (3x) and filter. Car is overall in good shape.

    I find that there is a bit of lag or hesitation on initial throttle application. It is especially noticeable from a dead stop, but I think it is always there. Feels like the engine and trans aren’t singing from the same music, and makes it hard to drive smoothly. I am wondering if the throttle body is to blame – perhaps somewhat gunked up? But because it is DBW I am hesitant to mess with it.

    Is this a common issue? Where do I start? How can I safely clean the TB?


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