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1955 Chevy hasn't been started in 4 years

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    Gary Brown

    Hi all, I have committed, in mind, an atrocity. I have a beautiful 1955 Chevy truck with the original inline 6 that I haven’t started in 4 years. I got so busy with life, I forgot about the old girl.
    I’ve finally got the time to give her the time she needs and have a general idea of what I need to do to get her running again.

    1. I have a new battery
    2. The plugs have been changed
    3. The coolant has been in the engine for 4 years, but it was brand new when it was put in, and the engine is all iron, so i assume no galvanic corrosion or wear.
    4. A cover was on the truck this entire time, so no water got in
    5. It was running 4 years ago when parked

    Obviously I don’t want to cause any accidental damage, and need to pump the old fuel out of the tank and replace with new fuel.

    I’ve picked up lead additive, and fresh oil with zddp additive.

    Does anyone have any advice and anything else I should add to my list.

    The first goal is to get the engine firing.


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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    1 Pull the plugs and put some light oil in each cylinder, then bar the engine over a few times. Might also spin up the oil pump and get oil to the top end.
    2 Change out the antifreeze.
    3 Inspect all hoses and belts for dry rot.
    4 Pull the cap and rotor, check the points and clean everything.
    5 Might consider changing the transmission fluid.
    6 Check / clean all battery connections IE at the starter, alternator etc.
    7 Inspect the exhaust
    8 Inspect the tires, brakes and brake fluid.

    Gary Brown

    1. I’ve got an oil squirt can I plan on doing that with, how much should I actually put in? Also would it be safe to turn the engine with the fan, as there is no bolt on the crank pulley, only a “key”?
    2. The antifreeze is fresh, I checked it and it tests excellent, even though it’s been sitting in there for a while.
    3. I inspected the hoses and the belt yesterday, all looks good there!
    4. I have a new cap, points, and condenser on the way, I figure replacing them all will be for the best.
    5. Tranny is the three speed manual, it uses heavy duty gear oil, I plan on changing that out once the engine runs.
    6. That’s on the list when I tune up the ignition system for sure!
    7. There is a hole further down in the pip after the manifold after careful inspection. It will be getting some new pipes once the engine runs again
    8. Sadly it will need all new tires it seems, all four are dry rotted. The brake pedal returns,however I’m sure pulling the drums off will reveal some rusted springs.

    This is going to be a multi weekend project and I appreciate all the help I can get!
    I am also replacing the valve cover gasket, is there anything specific I should check in reference to the rocker arms and springs when im under there?

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    Gary Brown

    I also want to mention that the oil smells of fuel, and is black. So the old oil is coming out for sure. Pouring the new oil through the top end should lubricate everything right?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    1 A couple of tablespoons in each cylinder. If you can manage turning the engine via the fan that works too.
    2 Ok, but would still consider changing it.
    3 Good.
    4 Good.
    5 Ok.
    6 Ok.
    7 Ok.
    8 Not unusual to happen.
    If there is any sludge build up might try cleaning as much of it out as possible. You can use Kerosene or diesel as a solvent
    If you have a service manual, might check the back lash between the rocker arms and valves.
    As for the oil smelling like gas.
    You may have a stuck float in the carburetor, might consider getting a rebuild kit for it.
    Pouring the oil will only go so far.
    Better to use a squirt can and try to hit as many moving parts as you can.

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