1985 Honda Civic

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      Hey Eric,
      My buddy has an 85 civic that i’m working on. Upon initial start up it tends to stall until it get warm. It also has oil in the breather and it idles rough. It is consuming oil also. It sounds like it’s chugging when giving it gas. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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        Hi thefireman,

        How do the spark plugs look? Have you performed a compression test on the cylinders? From your description, it sounds like there could be concerns with the rings on the pistons, and that you might have a lot of blow-by. Keep us posted.


          +1 with BigC. He beat me to it!

          It sounds like the engine may be wearing out. I would recommend that compression test as soon as you can.

          How many miles are on it?

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            Sounds like a choke issue to me, make sure the choke is opening up a little when you first start it and that the flap moves freely if not then this could cause the hard starting and if it’s sticking it could also cause the performance issue. Those carburetors are not for the weak at heart, if your unsure about working on one it might be a good idea to have a professional look at it, in fact these days most shops will just replace them instead of fixing them because the knowlage of how to fix them is getting lost.

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