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1991 Chevrolet Caprice RF door glass

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    Wyr TwisterWyr Twister

      Some one broke out this glass on our Caprice .

      Got the broken glass pretty much vacuumed up . Door dissembled , Drilled out the 2 pop rivets holding 2 aluminum strips together & removed both from the door .

      One aluminum strip is glued to the bottom of the glass . Cleaned the remaining broken glass & old adhesive from the groove in this strip .

      The other strip contains 2 plastic glide clips ( one of which was broken ) . The ” scissor jack ” like mechanism of the regulator interfaces with the glide clips in the other strip . Each of the 2 ” arms ” of the regulator has a ball end stud . Each of the 2 ball end studs fit into a center hole in one of the glide clips .

      The glide clips are discontinued with GM . Found & ordered some new glide clips on the internet .

      Sourced a new replacement glass . The bottom of the glass has 2 holes , approximately 1/4″ . These seem to line up with corrisponding holes in the aluminum strip holding the 2 plastic glide clips . I bought 2 1/4″ x 20 tpi plastic / nylon screws & hex nuts from Home Depot . I plan to use them to attach ( loosely ) the glass to the strip , for trial fitting .

      I searched for the correct adhesive to secure the glass to the aluminum strip . At first intended to use E6000 adhesive . Then I began to wonder if it would be flexible enough ?

      After much searching on the internet , I came up with 3M Window Weld # 06909 urethane .

      Is this the correct adhesive ?

      Well , I am going to try to start a trial fit , this afternoon .

      Thanks , :-_)
      God bless

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      Wyr TwisterWyr Twister

        Got the glass glued into the aluminum strip . Used 3m # 06909 adhesive .

        Installed the glide clips into that piece of aluminum and all that installed into the 2 ball end studs of the 2 regulator ” arms ” .

        With the glass installed in the window . The 2 aluminum strips were originally pop riveted together . Could not get the pop rivet tool positioned inside the door to rivet the 2 strips together . Ended up using 2 Tek self drilling screws .

        Replaced the door speaker . Started replacing the door panel . Had to go to O’Reilly Auto Parts for some trim screws & the little white plastic push in clips .

        Had to use some E56000 adhesive to repair both arm rests .

        Now , with help form my Wife & by the Grace of God , the door is back together .

        God bless

        ronnell hicksronnell hicks

          if you want this is totally up to you but when my passenger right frond door on my saturn sl2 shattered i went to the salvage yard and pulled the whole door off of the same year or close in year and took it home and put it on the car if you know how to prep the body work and then get your paint code color then your in good shape.

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