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1993 Honda Accord XL alternator problems

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    Dan FisherDan Fisher

      So we had to replace the timing belt about 10 months ago and everything has been great. Opened my daughters hood to check fluid levels and the bottom side of the hood as well as all her pulleys, power steering pump and alternator soaked with oil. Thought she blew a seal. Car down 1 liter of oil. Took it to the car wash and used engine cleaner and washed the engine. Filled the car full and drive for about 10 days seeing if we could spot the leak. Haven’t lost anymore oil. Thought maybe the dipstick may have not been pushed in properly one night and the car was driven a month with oil coming out the dipstick. That is our thought now.

      The problem now is the battery light acme on and the alternator is not charging. Local auto store gave me non flammable electrical cleaner. I sprayed it into and around the alternator and 1/2 can later the battery light was off the tests show the alternator charging again. With no apparent leak I took the belts off and cleaned the front of the engine and all pulleys by hand and replaced the 2 belts.
      Since then the battery light/alternator not charging has happened 3 times in a week. Once again spraying the cleaner while running the car seems to do the trick and it’s getting longer between the battery light coming on.

      Eric can I do anything else to help the alternator problem. I would like to give her car back and start driving my truck I had to loan her while I am giving her car

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