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1994 Honda Accord EX Coupe . Fan Switch B

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    mo mu

    Hello , 
    I recently installed some new parts in my 1994 Honda Accord EX -Coupe . A 1) new radiator, 2) new thermostat, 3) new ECT sensor ( located under the distributor),4)  new Fan Switch A ( located on the thermostat housing)  and new Fan Switch B ( located at the housing where upper radiator hose connects to the housing). ==>  all because part of my radiator cap broke off and fell inside the radiator and I had to thoroughly flush out the whole coolant system. 
    Everything seems to run OK except the fan does not turn on when the car is turned off ( after driving )- in the past the fan used to run for 15-20 mins after the car is shut off to cool the engine down. As per reading other stuff on the internet , it seems that Fan Switch B supposed to control that function –i.e to run the fan for 15-20 mins after the car is shut off.  I have tested the new Fan Switch B in the hot water – its working fine & it does turn on at high temp ( 0 resistance) .
    However when I jumped the electrical connector with the paper clip it does not turn any of the fans [ AS OPPOSED to when I jump the electrical connector on the Fan Switch A then BOTH FANS ARE TURNED ON].
    Do I have a faulty electrical connector to the Fab Switch B ??  Is there any way to test it  ? Would I need to replace the connector wire and socket ? Do I need to check the whole wire of the fan switch B electrical connector OR the whole harness ? and how to check for a bad wire / connector with multimeter or some other device ?
    If someone can help me out how to diagnose the electrical issues with Fan Switch B and how to fix ( step by step)
    Would greatly appreciate any kind suggestions 

    Thank you 


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