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    1996 Toyota T100 Sr5 (3.4 l, v6, and 2 WD, 241000 miles)

    The problem started about three months ago and will be listed in chronological order below.

    1. 6/20/21: Engine check light came on with code O2 sensor then it automatically turned off after 3 days.
    2. 3 weeks later: truck stopped and couldn’t start it back; next day it starts and able to drive but I had it towed to a mechanic shop
    3. One week at the shop: replaced: TPS, cleaned throttle assembly, spark plugs and wires, and valve cover gaskets
    a. I noticed two plugs next to the TPS are just not plugging into anything (see attachments)
    b. I checked with the shop, and they couldn’t tell me either
    c. Took some pictures (hopefully Dealer or a better shop can help identify it. I think this may have something to do with the TPS problem)
    4. Took the truck home: The truck was good for 60 miles then the engine light came on for TPS code; I replaced another TPS (from Advance Auto parts) it has the same code after 5 minutes test drive; the truck is still drivable at the time, but I had it towed back to the shop.
    *. I did not know to reprogram the TPS
    5. Three weeks at the shop: replace the battery, cleaned the body throttle again
    a. They said the car drive ok then it acts upsurging and hesitating.
    b. Hard to start after that
    c. They are out of options and want me to take the truck home.
    6. I drove the car home and it was fine for the 40 miles on freeway at 65-70 MPH then this happens
    a. Check E light came on one quick flash, truck hesitate then it runs normally
    b. Two minutes later it does the same thing.
    c. 10 minutes later E. light came on more frequents and the truck surging, hesitate and engine seem to lose some power
    d. pull over and towed it home
    7. The ECM got fried and I replaced it with a used one.
    a. It was driven good for three days about 150 miles
    b. Now the ECL is on again with TPS Code.

    Please give some guidance on this.

    Should I need to replace the o2 sensor too?

    I went to two Toyota dealers part dept. and they couldn’t tell me about the two hanging plugs.

    How do you attach pictures to this post?

    Many thanks in advance.

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