1997 CR-V rear glass won't open

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    Brett Neumiiller
    Brett Neumiiller

    Hi everyone!

    As the title says I can’t open my glass hatch on my 97 CR-V. When I click the hatch release button I can hear a motor but nothing happens. I really could care less if hatch couldn’t open but unfortunately one of my tail lights has burnt out and now I can’t change it without getting the glass open.

    I thought maybe I could manually open it by taking the plastic cover from the tailgate off but from what I read so far it sounds like you need the tailgate open which of course is impossible if I can’t get the glass open.

    This is a new vehicle to me as I’ve only had it for a 2 weeks and just finished doing the timing belt so I am slowly finding secrets that the previous owner didn’t tell me such as a dents right behind where the spare tire mounts which makes me believe that has something to do with the actuator not working. Does anyone have a possible workaround to my problem?

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