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1997 Honda Accord Random misfire.. please help

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    Vito Kapustin
    Vito Kapustin


    I’ve been trying to find a reason why this 1997 Honda Accord 2.2l Vtec engine has a random misfire.. When you start the car, it runs good for 5 seconds and then it starts having that random misfire. You can hear it from the tailpipe. Check engine is flashing (codes: P0301,P0302,P0300). Engine has a slight shake, but it’s not a dead misfire. Spark plugs and wires are new, compression was checked and is good. No vacuum leaks, fuel delivery and injectors are good.. Here’s a very strange part.. I adjusted the valves to spec and random misfire was still there. Later, I tried to loosen the valves a little more and the random misfire went away… It’s crazy.. But.. The engine was ticking which I didn’t like, so I readjusted the valves back to specs. And random misfire is still there.. After trying to loosen the valves again, I cannot get the misfire to go away anymore.. I looked at the LIVESTREAM DATA and everything looked good.
    The only thing I was concerned about was IAT= 135 . is that normal? Outside temp was 60 degrees.

    It also showed Ignition Advance=15 deg.

    I am really lost.. Don’t know what else to look for.. Please help

    But the car drives great! No power issues at all.

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