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1999 Accord 2.4l – P0336 after changing timing belt – help!

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    Patrick Ward

    I changed the timing belts using the Vmanual as a guide. Engine cranks a bit and will then start, tach goes to about 2k and then the car dies. Will not run nor idle, Throws code P0336 – Crankshaft position sensor “A” circuit range / performance.

    The original CPS was broken when I took the car apart for the timing belt, so I bought a new one and installed it.

    I had a hard time getting the crank drive gear to back on the crank snout – I had to use a large socket to pound it in to place.

    So I’m assuming I get to tear everything apart again, but wondering what I need to look for – off a tooth on timing? (even though I was pretty careful about timing everything) – bad CPS (even though I’m seeing the tach work)? Crank gear not in correct position on the shaft? (resulting in intermittent hall effect as things spin?)

    Not looking forward to tearing down again, and would like to only do it again once…

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Patrick Ward

    Well, I tore into it again. Once I got the lower timing cover off I discovered the problem. The sensor magnet closest to the front of the car was not positioned correctly. You would think that it would be hard to miss putting the positioning peg into it’s hole, but I managed to do just that. The magnet was too far from the crank pulley and could not get a reading.

    Once positioned correctly and buttoned up, it runs like a champ.

    I need to keep telling myself – slow down, double check…

    Hope this helps someone else someday.

    Now I have to go shower, the wife doesn’t like it when I stay dirty…. 😉

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