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      So I have a headlight problem they do not come on when I turn them on all other lights work running,tail,signal ect. All fuses are good as well as all relays so I changed the switch on the dash and nothing then I replaced the multi function switch in the column same problem also the high beam lights work if I hold back on the lever on the multi function switch but as soon as I let go they go off they wont set to on and this was the same with the old multi function switch . I also removed the bulbs and manually powered them up by using a ground wire to the center prong and power to each of the left and right prongs and both elements worked. So my question is could there be a hidden relay or fuse somewhere in the system? I also changed the flasher behind the fuse box in the cab the driving lights fuses and relay were fine as well. Sorry for the long question at this point I am about to run my own switch.

      Thank you,

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      hazel ann westcohazel ann westco

        Hi James,

        Try looking at the wirings, module, and switch.
        If you can’t solve it try to your local service centers.

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