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2000 Hyundai Accent Misfiring? recent purchase.

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    Reddit thread containing the video of it revving up, I think I can maybe hear the misfiring but…

    ***Had to smog it, and it passed California smog for whatever that’s worth. They didn’t seem to mention anything either.

    We’ve been driving it for about a month with no major issues, even though the previous owner said the fuel pump was failing and it would die randomly. It is a manual but she seemed plenty knowledgeable and experienced. Haven’t taken it to high speeds.

    I recently noticed the check engine light and it says there’s a random misfire, and a misfire on C2/C4. Is that what the little pop or clicking noise is?

    What’s the main things to check for the misfire? I assume the spark plugs? Everything seemed clean and newish, Does this car only have spark plugs? As I can just do that repair myself in that case, there is a few more wires on the other side of the cylinders.

    It had been sitting, so maybe the gas is a bit old, not sure. Going to use some fuel treatment soon. All the fluids seem fine as well.

    Included Live Data as well, dunno what any of that means, but I assume if the scanner saw an issue it would show up red or something?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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