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    Recently, my Integra has been stalling while driving. It just quietly loses engine power, giving me seconds to pull over to the side of the road on momentum. It would restart after 15 minutes, then would stall again 10 minutes later. After being towed, I wasn’t able to get it started again.

    Details + Repairs:
    Oil, Check Engine, and ABS light up on the dash when attempting to restart.
    Diagnostic Trouble Code was P1399
    Replaced Spark Plugs, Ignition Coil, Distributor Cap, Distributor Housing Cap, Distributor Rotor Head
    Applied Arctic Thermal Paste to Ignitor Unit
    Replaced Battery
    All fluids flushed and/or refilled.
    After these repairs, the car started and could be driven around the block a few times. After 4 miles, it stalled again. After a tow and about half an hour, it could be restarted. I didn’t attempt another trip. What else could be the problem?

    Side Note: It gets extremely hot under the hood, even after a short drive around the block

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    Rahul Jones
    Rahul Jones

    I would suggest checking the fuel pump for operating sound when it stalls. Getting hot under the hood can be a different reason but keep checking the coolant temperature gauge while driving.

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