2002 civic ex won't start

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    Bradley CagleBradley Cagle

      I’m working on an 02 civic customer stated he had just replaced the alternator and battery car was running fine before replacement but after replacement it ran and sounded like garbage the symptoms he had were lack of mechanical power electrical was fine except for battery light coming on when he tried to accelerate, very high rpm shift, very noisy belts and at idle it seemed to be running ok but when you tried to accelerate the problems began until he was driving down the interstate doing about 60 and car shuts off on him and won’t restart. Checked the belts they’re tight and spinning everything when attempting to crank, unplug gas line at fuel rail and has gas coming out of that line into fuel rail granted not alot of pressure but plenty of gas coming out at low pressure, all cylinders have spark not the best spark but it’s there. I sprayed gas and starting fluid into intake at different times and it was ttrying to start i even set one of my gloves on fire in the process. The timing belt is still complete not broken or anything. I’m stumped any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated because I’m not sure which direction I should go from here. Motor has less than 90,000 miles on it

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