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2002 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0L rough idle

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    Thomas PriceThomas Price

      I just bought the truck used with 66k original miles on it. While test driving the truck with the owner there was no rough idle or anything pointing to an issue of any kind. Well, a few days later I noticed that there is a slight rough idle while cold or warm. I did get a CEL while driving around town so I plugged in my code reader and got a P0122 for Throttle position sensor circuit low input voltage. I replaced the TPS and the CEL went off by itself, but the roughness in the idle is still there. I have not been able to find a vacuum leak(might not have looked in the right place?) I have cleaned the MAF, replaced plugs and wires with OEM, changed air filter and fuel filter and cleaned the IAC and replaced the cam position sensor and synchronizer and so far the idle hasn’t changed. No better no worse. The coil pack is my next item to look into.

      The “Rough” idle feels like a misfire. I am getting no codes or CEL in regards to the rough idle at all. I don’t know what else to look for and like I said above….I may be over looking a vacuum line somewhere I just don’t know.

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      Billy AndrewsBilly

        Have you smoke tested? What are your fuel trims at idle, 2500, and 4000?

        Thomas PriceThomas Price

          I have not had a test done of any kind yet. I don’t know how to check for fuel trims.

          Thomas PriceThomas Price

            I am going to have a compression test done probably Tuesday after a doctor appointment and see how that goes. If the compression is fine, I’ll continue my troubleshooting elsewhere namely the IAC and ignition coil.

            Pat MaplesPat Maples

              How could I get the pilot bearing out the crankshaft with only the outter shell in there ? I’ve tried to use my bearing puller and currently using a cold chisel to try n cut it out ..I need help bad and any info on getting this out will be a blessing in itself you can email me @

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