2003 Honda CR-V Warm Engine Knock

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    Jeff Werstuik


    I have a Honda CR-V that knocks after longer drives (20+ minutes), especially after highway drives.

    Characteristics of the car and knock:

    1. Only knocks when the engine is warm and Idle.
    2. Soon as I add gas, the knocking goes away within 1 to 2 seconds or raising 200-300 RPM.
    3. Oil Level is good and was recently changed. No low oil pressure light either.
    4. 176,000 KM on the odometer.
    5. Engine runs smooth, lots of power, no noticeable hesitation.
    6. No engine codes.

    I was reading with these 2.4L engines, that this could be a timing belt tensioner spring issue. Where when low rpm and lower oil pressure it can throw timing out of wack and cause a knock while at higher RPM, oil pressure is up and and tensions the chain adequately.

    This is no my car but it sounds a lot like this –

    Any thoughts or ideas of what I should be expecting here?

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