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    Hi All:

    My electrical issue is linked to the Air Conditioning system. It may have started because the Air compression has a gridning noise so either the clutch assembly is gone or the whole unit needs replacement. But back to the issue:

    1. The sysmpton was that both AC compressor and AC condenser farn stopped turning on. the system functioned properly recently, but not anymore.
    2. There is charge in the system. Both high and low show appropriate pressure for ambient temperature (according to the instructions on the AC gauges).

    Here’s what I did to diagnose:
    1. I checked the relays – both the condenser fan and compressor relays work. I checked them by swapping the relays with the regular fan relay and all worked.
    2. I checked the #1 under-hood fuse – it was tripped.
    3. I replaced the #1 under-hood fuse with a fresh one – it tripped.
    4. I removed ac condenser fan and compressor relays and put in a 30 amp fuse – it tripped too.
    5. I decided to do the unthinkable and jumped the fuse with a wire. And that when things became interesting. The car had trouble cranking and starting. If the car managed to start, 2 or 3 seconds later it turned off. The same thing happened with I decided to insert the old tripped fuses. It feels like anything inserted into that fuse is doing something to the electrical system. The only time the car works now is if there’s no fuse inserted.

    Has anyone experienced anything like that? what was the cause? what is the solution? do I need a new fuse box? what will prevent re-occurence?

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