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    David Samuel
    David Griff

    2005 Honda Element EX w/110k (Automatic with AWD).

    Turning the steering wheel is not smooth….it requires some extra effort to get it off of straight forward. Once it starts turning, the effort required to turn the wheel goes back to what would be expected. It is kinda like driving a car with the wheels in a snow or dirt rut. Getting out of the rut requires much more steering input than usual but gets easy again once out of the rut.

    While it does seem a little worse when it is cold, moving or not, does not change it, neither does going fast or slow.

    I have had the car on a lift and all the suspension components seem in good shape….my alignment shop owner agrees.

    I looked through the service records and this seems to have been a problem for a while with this car. It has had a new rack and two pumps replaced in its life, but the problem persists.

    Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance
    David in Bozeman

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