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2007 Acura TL Base Transmission Issue??

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    Kevin C

    MaOkay, so I replaced my VTEC solenoid and VTEC pressure switch thinking it will solve a problem I’m having with the TL. The symptoms are that when I floor it, the RPM stays stuck at 5000-6000rpm and does not shift to the next gear and at times it will but it will take really long. It also revs to 7000k RPM without shifting to the next gear… In October, I replaced the 3rd-4th pressure switches from Honda, along with a drain and fill with OEM tranny fluid.. I had a scanner plugged in when doing test runs the pressure switches seem to be working fine with the scanner saying “on-off”. When I let go of the accelerator the gears shift to their placement perfectly with no jerks. When I drive normal without my foot being heavy the car drives perfectly fine and shift to all 5 gears. I checked tranny fluid and fluid is at normal level with the color still being pinkish. What can the issue be? A clogged tranny filter? A faulty converter? I also tried shifting manually and the gear seems to lag onto the next shift and when it does shift it throws into gear a little rough/hard. I would like to get an opinion before I take out the transmission to have it rebuilt. Thanks!!

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