2007 dodge caliber 2.4l

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    Conrad HutchingsConrad Hutchings

      hello there I have a 2007 dodge caliber that I have a fairly good shake on the car when driving I have replaces both wheel bearing and structs and sway bar links and bushings both lower control arms and driver side cv axle and I still have the shake in the car I have taken it in to get tire rebalanced 4 times and they have got them to 0 out on all 4 tires just wondering if anyone else had had this same problem I am going to change the bearing on the half shaft on the passengers side but it seems to have no play in it but going to do that and maybe passengers side cv axle before I put more money into it just wondering if anyone has seen this before

      thanks Huchters358

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      Conrad HutchingsConrad Hutchings

        I have not replaces the rotors on this car yet but just did brake pads warped rotors on the front causing all this issue and it comes and goes when speeding up u don’t feel it but when you have the cruse set you can feel it when it slows down and when it picks up a bit


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