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2008 Buick lacrosse new suspension makes the car drive like on ice

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    So I put new spindles (rear control arm linkages), trailing arms and brackets and new Quick Strut units (Moog’s as they are AC Delco’s but cheaper). New rear brakes as well cause when I went in, the rotors where a bit pitted. Also a new passenger wheel bearing cassette as the wheel speed sensor is bad.

    New front struts as well (AC Delco Ready struts). New coolant elbows and new headlights (F the engineer that designed those).

    Well, I roughed in the alignment by putting a bolt through the old spindles ends on the adjustable units and matched the new ones up. Put it all back together again. Now the car rides like its on Ice. That front end, especially on a decent bend, really wants to meet the front end. It feels like it is on Ice.

    Is this due to the lack of a proper alignment? I also had to drop the rear cradle to get the rear spindles out (this is part of the work), could that also be causing this to be a bit off as well. I am going to have it aligned, but want to make sure I didn’t do something wrong.


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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    When you R&R that many critical components, an eye ball alignment just won’t cut it IMHO.

    I suggest getting a complete alignment and detail exactly what you replaced, then reevaluate how the vehicle handles.


    That is my plan from the get-go. I was just shocked by how badly it drove. I was hoping to be able to drive it for a day or so until I can get it into a shop.. It’s so bad the front left tire screeches around corners.. lol…

    I now know when they say the car is pushing and pulling at the same time in Nascar.. Wow is it bad… Besides that the suspension feels great over the crappy roads here.


    It’s amazing what a 4 wheel alignment at a good shop will do. It drives like butter. now…

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