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    JD Nicholson
    JD Nicholson

    2008 Honda Element
    2.4L AT AWD
    153,481 miles

    This is(was) our daughter’s daily driver and we are trying to determine if the engine knock is coming from the cylinder head or the block so that she can decide how to repair it: either a rebuilt head or a complete engine swap from a salvage yard. She has been driving it like this for about six months, but parked it when it recently started knocking while driving…before that time the knock was audible at idle only. Since the problem began the loud knocking noise could/can only be heard after about one minute from cold start (0:53 on this video).The driving portion of this video begins at about the 1:50 mark. Also, it burns(absolutely no external leaks) about ½ quart of oil every 550 miles. Any ideas would be appreciated. Below are the results of compression and leak down tests:

    Dry Compression:
    #1 155
    #2 164
    #3 181
    #4 141
    Wet Compression:
    #1 200
    #2 196
    #3 205
    #4 196

    Factory Service Manual Compression Test Parameters:
    Minimum 35 psi
    Maximum variation between cylinders 28psi

    Leak Down:
    #1 12%
    #2 8%
    #3 12%
    #4 16% Air escapes from oil filler cap and a slight hiss from #3

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    I could be mistaken but it does sound like it is coming from the top end.
    My first question would be when was ( or if ) the vales have been adjusted?
    Second would be is have you checked the oil pressure and checked for metal in the oil during an oil change?

    JD Nicholson
    JD Nicholson

    Hi and thanks. We adjusted the valves shortly after the problem started. The exhaust valves were real tight on #1 and slightly out of spec on the others. Adjusting did not help with the noise. We then adjusted them again a couple of weeks ago just to be sure and they were still OK. Haven’t checked the oil pressure beyond knowing that the idiot light stays off as it should. Just went out and warmed the engine and then drained oil. There is some metal in it that is super fine(think talc particles) and evenly dispersed.

    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Overly tight valves could mean burnt valves.
    Metal in the oil another bad sign.
    Might try cutting the filter open and inspecting the filter element.

    JD Nicholson
    JD Nicholson

    Nothing significant in the filter. Thanks

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