2008 Nissan maxima 140000

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    Jose Esquivel
    Jose Esquivel

    Wassup Eric I have a concern I like you to help me with. My car has been making a whinning sound coming from passenger side front and recently the battery died while it was on acc. I jumped started the car but I noticed that the whinning turned more to a rattle and louder so I popped the hood and found that the alternator was vibrating really bad. Does this mean it’s going bad or could it be a fuse or something else. I would like your professional opinion. Also I have not had any issue with lights in the car, headlights or any electronics.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Sounds like the bearing is failing in the alternator.
    Quick and dirty test would be to take off the belt for the alternator and start the engine.
    If the noise is no longer present, you either have a bad alternator or alternator tensioner pulley.

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