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2009 Hyundai Sonata, Mysterious Death!!

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    Liz PaineLiz Paine

      I have an automatic, 2009 Hyundai Sonata. Up until recently it has been very dependable and no major issues or symptoms of such. Sunday, In one of those worst case scenarios, of how not to be prepared for the worst case scenarios, we were stranded in the mountains, no phone service, during a snow storm. Obviously all is well with the humans in this story. However, my car still remains in a comatose state. The moments leading up to this did not indicate any trouble, until my husband while using the manual shift option, may have in error down shifted when he meant to up-shift (we disagree on the exactness of details), from 4 to 3rd. The car and rpms revved, decreased speed suddenly, he felt or heard a pop of some sort in the. Then the engine died, and would not restart. It cranks but does not turn over. We had it towed to a shop. They have run diagnostics, tested compression, and more. They are unable to identify what happened and or why it won’t start. Is there something connected to the gear shift handle/transmission/engine relationship that could cause is to stop running and not start. Any and all theories / suggestions are welcome. Is this the first time this has happened? Also what is the etiquette for bringing these suggestions up to the mechanic shop? I don’t want to come off as the customer that knows zilch about cars, telling the experts, the internet says a, b, c. Thank you for your help!

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        Over revving the engine is never a good thing.
        First two things that come to mind from doing that:
        Jumped timing
        Damaged valve(s)
        Though you say a compression test was done, I would be interested to know if it was a relative compression test or individual cylinders.

        As to ” Is there something connected to the gear shift handle/transmission/engine relationship that could cause is to stop running and not start.”
        If it is a automatic transmission, there is a neutral safety switch.
        But that will keep the engine from cranking if it were in gear.
        If it is a manual transmission, again the clutch needs to be depressed in order for the engine to crank.

        Liz PaineLiz Paine

          Thanks Richard for the quick response! It is an automatic transmission, that has a manual mode, no clutch. We did attempt to start in both neutral and park. It would crank but not turnover. I will ask about the things you mentioned! I did forget to mention that the only other symptom that is periodically displays is a check engine light comes on when there is a change in elevation. We live in valley at 7500 ft. Go over the pass, it comes on then goes a way while in lower elevations. I don’t know if there is a correlation. I will ask for more specifics on their testing. Thanks again!

          Liz PaineLiz Paine

            I should edit, I may be using the wrong terminology regarding crank, turnover, starting. The engine cranks/turns over, but does not start.

            Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

              The easiest direction would be to ….
              Check if you have the basics:
              Any present or stored or history codes
              Spark present (Using a spark tester or similar method)
              Fuel delivery (listen for the fuel pump also check fuel pressure at the rail)
              You stated compression test was done so that is checked off.
              Crank signal also crank / cam correlation. ( Need a good quality scan tool)

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