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2010 Camaro LT Instrument Panel stopped working

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    William NehezWilliam Nehez


      First time posting. I’m assuming there isn’t already a question about this posted because I have spent the past 3 hours searching online and haven’t come across it. So anyway, my instrument panel completely stopped working today. Speedometer, tachometer,and digital display in the middle. The only thing that seems to work is the check engine light when the key is in the “on” position but not running. The actual turn signals work on the car, but not the lights on the dash. I took it out and I used a multimeter to see if power was still going to it and I am getting 14 from the harness. I dont know much about how to use a multimeter, but I didnt know if there was a way to test the instrument panel itself. If hate to buy a new one and come to find out its the electrical wiring.

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        If you have the cluster removed from the vehicle.
        Might suggest you inspect carefully for fractured solder connection(s) especially around were the connector(s) are soldered to the PC board


          Please do not click on the above two links, I got a warning from my antivirus that it leads to a known website for malicious activity.

          Rob FlearRob Flear

            William Nehez, did you ever figure out what the issue was with your instrument panel not working?

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