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2010 Cx7 high rev before 1st to 2nd shift

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    Adrian delarosaAdrian delarosa

      hello i recently purchased a mazda cx7 with 96,000 miles on its the 2.5 non turbo version, as i purchased it i noticed the rear torque mount was bad thus concluding the thump when shifting from 1st to second gear . i replaced the motor mounts and still continues to kick when shifting, i thought it might be the fluid so i changed the fluid and filter , it improved slightly but still continues to rev pretty high in rpms before shifting into 2nd gear , also if i shift from 1st to second in manual mode..the gear selector will change to 2 but still does not shift takes a few seconds before it finally shifts,,no other gears have this problem. i dont notice any sudden downshifts or any juddering going on. it shifts normally if i ease into it at very low speeds. none of the other vehicles i test drove upon purchasing this one had this problem, ive got a scan tool that will scan the transmission ecu but doesnt come back with any codes. the other vehicles i test drove did have codes which is why i stayed away from those smh..can anybody offer me some tips to try and diagnose this problem. i did purchase the solenoid pack and plan on doing it this weekend , is it necessary to change all of them as i was only planning on changing out the shift solenoids instead of all of them . thank you guys for any help. much appreciated

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