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2011 Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Center Roller

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    Eliot REliot Ramos

      Hello everyone,

      My Honda Odyssey is having difficulty when closing the Right sliding door.
      Eric shows us how to change the roller and provides the part number (I’m extremely grateful for him being the amazing guy that he is).
      Unfortunately my Honda falls a year after the generation he worked on so the part number will be different.
      I looked at various OEM parts stores for Honda and all they have for the center roller is 72561-TK8-305 which is actually a SET which consists of the roller assembly and some kind of electrical component at the cost of almost $400. I searched all websites but none provide just the roller themselves, is the set my only choice? I’m looking to replace both as Eric suggested in his video.
      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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      Eliot REliot Ramos

        Updating the thread just to provide my findings.
        The original replacement part for just the roller is 72521-TK8-A11 which is now discontinued and not carried through any OEM reseller.
        You can find an aftermarket version for cheaper on Amazon but the two small rollers are made of plastic instead of metal (OEM all 3 bearings/rollers are metal). I found a thread on a Honda Odyssey forum where someone purchased 72521-TK8-A01 (meant for manual doors only) and JB Welded the cable holders from his old one to that new one that’s OEM.

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