2011 Mazda 6 anti theft issue

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      After replacing the driver door switch the following is happening (I probably should have disconnected the battery before working on the new switch). Need help. This is my son’s car and he is stuck until we get it running. Any help would be appreciated.:
      1. Instrument panel is illuminated without the key in the ignition.
      2. Security light is blinking on dashboard.
      3. Car wont start.

      Tried the following:
      1. Disconnected battery and let sit for 20 mins.
      2. Tried second key.
      3. Locked and unlocked car with remote.
      4. Locked and unlocked car with key.
      5. Put ignition in the ON position and let sit for 10 minutes.
      6. Pulled fuel pump fuse and put back in.
      7. Tried to clear any codes with my code reader. No codes found.
      8. Sat for a while and thought “Why does stuff like this always happen?”

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        have you solved your problem? i heard about Mazda 6 having anti theft issues quite commonly, but sure if the 2011 model specifically.. anyway, wondering if you’ve found a solution. sorry for not being able to help…


          Turns out the new part, door controller, wasn’t the correct part. Was causing all kinds of issues. Had to get the car towed to Mazda. Unfortunately the cost went from an aftermarket price of $50 to hundreds. Not much we could do. I almost put back in the old part to test. Wish I had. We would have figured out the switch was the culprit.
          Thanks for checking.

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