2012 Santa Fe V6 Electricial Issue

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    I bought this 2012 Santa Fe used approx. 4 mos. ago. While driving and slowing down to turn into a parking lot the battery light came on. increased the RPMs and it went out. Ran my errand. Started car and headed home. Battery light came on and stayed on. All other warning lights came on except for check engine light. Gauges all went haywire. Check engine light came on and car went into limp mode then died. Got it towed home. Next day read codes. Low battery voltage only code. Unhooked battery and cleaned already spotless terminals. This has a new battery and alternator. Drove car for 1 week. Started car in a parking lot and the battery light came on. Disconnected the neg. terminal for 5 min. reconnected all is well for 1000 miles. While driving on freeway battery light came on again. Driving in construction zone and could not pull over. Same scenario as first event. All other warning lights came on, except for check engine light. It only comes on when the voltage drops below acceptable level. Finally got off at an exit. Disconnected neg. cable for 5 min. Battery to weak to start. Someone finally stopped and gave me a jump. Everything is back to normal. Have been driving car for approx. 2000 miles with no issue. I now have a jump box in car. This was purchased from a Hyundai dealer. Researched with them and they have worked on this issue several times and cannot figure it out. Live in AR where used cars are sold “AS IS” so no warranty. Car has 104000 miles. I am 56 years old and have been working on cars most of my life but, this one has me stumped. Not messing up seems to have coincided with the weather warming up? Have done multiple searches on line and haven’t found any info for this issue. I am thinking maybe a connection or, ECU problem. What are your thought?

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