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    Brian ConixBrian Conix

      Wanted some opinions on an issue that started occurring yesterday with my 2013 FPIU.

      I drove a short distance down the road after work and started getting the message about engine coolant overheating. I pulled over, checked it out, and let it cool down. Then proceeded (stopped every time it came up, short distances between each time). Since this I’ve had it parked.

      This morning I pulled it into the station at work, popped the hood and added coolant (empty). The coolant was on the trimming below the radiator. I also noticed black plastic/silicone that spattered onto the coolant reservoir, window washer reservoir, and down low in the engine compartment.

      After I added coolant I let it idle for approximately 30 minutes. No issues, temperature remained at about half-way on the display. No abnormalities under the hood and no leaks to be saw. I checked lines/hoses, and along the side of the engine where the water pump is located.

      I turned it off and left it in the station for about 1-2 hours while I went and did some other stuff. When I returned there was no coolant on the ground, no wet lines/hoses, no noticeably wet locations in the engine compartment. Coolant level was down a little (Not too bad, attributed to being empty before that, maybe?).

      I then turned it on after I filled it to middle point between min/max. I let it idle for about 20 minutes. At the 15 minute mark the radiator fan kicked on (temp shows as half way), then by the 20 minute mark the radiator fan kicked on even faster and louder (really loud). The gauge started showing an increase in temperature until it reached the line for overheating (and displayed over temp message).

      My question I suppose is, what do you think my problem is? I’m unsure if there is a code associated to my issue because I already had a check engline light for my downstream O2 sensor. I have that but procrasinated on throwing it in. I don’t have a code reader readily available right now. Thank you!

      My heat also stopped working a couple weeks ago (didn’t test blower motor/resistor yet). Possibly related? I already have a thermostat for this vehicle so I may throw that in and see what happens.

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      Dave TidmanDave Tidman

        I would do a block test to see if there is a head gasket leak.

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